5 Startling Facts About Identity Theft That Will Surprise You

Posted by Jason McCray

In this digital world, it can be exceptionally easy to put yourself at risk of identity theft. Most people understand that threat in a theoretical sense, but do not know exactly how much they are at risk. To help you stay informed, here are five startling facts about identity theft that will remind you to be vigilant whenever handling personal information.

     1.Beware of your taxes

Each year, the IRS prepares a “Dirty Dozen” list that is composed of fraud and tax scams that can affect you during the tax season. One of the most popular scams is when someone makes up their own Social Security number — it could be yours — to file fake tax forms. Even though your information is technically safe, these scammers can attempt to claim returns under your identity.

     2.Identity theft happens every two seconds

Unfortunately, this number is predicted to grow with the introduction of advanced technologies that make it easy for some to access confidential information. Credit card skimmers at gas stations, ATMs, or video rental boxes can easily collect hundreds of card numbers a day.

     3.Identity theft is the number one customer complaint

The Federal Trade Commission ranks nationwide customer complaints, and almost every year identity theft comes up on top. If you are a business owner, the best way to keep your customers’ information safe is to invest in document destruction services. These shredding services will make sure all your data is disposed of properly, and it will save your employees valuable time. Considering the fact that employees in small businesses spend about 15 minutes on average shredding confidential documents, take the hassle out of their workday and implement a document destruction service that will take care of everything for you.

     4.Thieves use social media to find personal information

Be careful of what you post online, because that information can be used against you. You should never post your address, phone number, or any bank information where a hacker can easily see it.

     5.Don’t forget about your mailbox

While digital threats are on the rise, it is important to remember that a criminal can easily access your mailbox. Make sure to never let your mail sit for too long, and if you are expecting something with personal information on it, make sure to follow up with the institution if you haven’t received it within a reasonable time frame.

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