Digital Crime is on the Rise: How to Protect Your Data

Protecting data is at an all-time high. With cyber-crime being one of the most popular types of digital crime, identity protection and data privacy cannot be avoided. Hard drive destruction is one of the best ways to ensure identity theft is avoided and is a huge deterrent against digital terrorism.  Learning the ins and outs of data protection can make a difference between being compromised or keeping your identity safe.

Digital Crime

This is accomplished with hard drive shredding and document shredding, two of the most efficient forms of document destruction related to data and privacy. What is a digital crime? Consider someone taking the hard drive of an old computer and retrieving that information to use that individual’s identity. Another good example is hackers who infiltrate systems to steal money from companies and customers. Digital crime doesn’t have to occur with outsiders. It can also apply to employees who work in-house. If they don’t follow safety protocols by not shredding sensitive documents or clicking on malware in emails that compromise the system, they are a part of the problem.

Cyber Crime

Cybercrime happens every single day through identity theft. People who suddenly realize their cards have been used even when the card is in their wallet have been the victims of cybercrime. There are a few things individuals can do to avoid these situations, or at least deter them. First, shred hard drives, DVDs, CDs, jump drives, SD cards, mobile phones, and other devices that contain sensitive, personal information. Many people don’t realize these things can be shredded because they aren’t paper. Still, technology has made it possible to eliminate these electronic items that can compromise your identity.

Types of Digital Crime

Many different types of digital crime can cost people tons of money to fix. But, there are also a ton of solutions that can take place to help keep this from happening. There is financial, educational, ransomware, and more. Here’s what a few people have said about Shred America’s solutions:

“We used Shred America for a neighborhood event. Highly recommend them for your shredding needs. They were great to work with in getting everything arranged and even called when the weather wasn’t looking great to make sure we wanted to proceed.” – Molly Zahn.

“Great customer service. I received the call back for the quote within minutes of making the request. The price was great, and the shredding service occurred very timely. Couldn’t have been easier.” – Kim Long

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When you’re worried about whether your identity can be compromised, it’s always best to contact a professional team that can teach you what to do. Our shredding solutions at Shred America are designed to assist individuals and corporations in safely protecting sensitive data and information from being compromised. We understand the effects of cybercrime and work hard to help prevent it with our state-of-the-art equipment.

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