Easy Eco-Friendly Ideas to Implement in Your Office

Posted by Dustin Rushing

We all know that it is a great idea to reduce, reuse, and recycle in every aspect of our lives. This includes your office space as well! Here are some easy eco-friendly office ideas that will have all your coworkers going green.

Combine all trash and recycling receptacles

If you have one communal area for recycling and trash, you will cut down on excess waste as the employees will have to think about where their trash is going. Make it easy and foolproof by color-coding the bins so the habit of throwing out trash and recycling will become second nature.

Eliminate waste in printing

Set your printers up to print on both sides of the paper, and you will use a lot less paper in the long run. Also, adding a tagline such as “Consider the environment before you print this piece of paper” on each email will remind everyone to keep away from the printer.

Go digital

Remove paper waste completely by implementing digital files throughout your office. Have your entire company set up on a web-sharing site such as Google Docs, and you won’t have a need to print things out! It is also incredibly easy to share presentation documents, emails, and meeting agendas this way.


Invest in eco-friendly shredding services! Document shredding is a fantastic way to recycle all of your excess papers, all without compromising your secure information. Plus, for every ton of paper shredded, you are saving 17 tress, 16,000 liters of water, 4.2 MWh of electricity, and 2.42 cubic meters of landfill space. Eco-friendly shredding is one of the easiest things you can do as a company to reduce your carbon footprint.

Look up

Make it an effort to constantly look up and see if there are any excess lights on, and immediately turn them off if they aren’t needed! Also, it is a good idea to replace the bulbs with more energy-efficient ones to save both energy and money. If you can, consider investing in an automatic shut off system that will turn off lights at a specific time every day, in case some coworkers left some on at night.

Start small, and slowly implement these ideas how you see fit. Soon, you will be green and mighty! Contact Shred America for Eco Friendly help.