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The Truth About Hard Drive Destruction

Posted by Ryan Richard on May 1, 2019 9:00:00 AM

What do you do when it’s time to throw out an old computer? What about when you want to get rid of your old phone? Many home and business owners donate them, take them to a recycling center, or just simply lump them in with the garbage. However, did you know that this makes you just as prone to identity theft as not properly disposing of documents? Even if you “delete” or “wipe” your files, they’re not fully in the clear when it comes to savvy hackers. For true security, you have to handle technology like this with the same priority as you would with printed materials containing sensitive information. The only way to truly prevent identity theft in this situation is to call on an expert for full hard drive destruction.

Popular Questions About The Shred America Network Answered

Posted by Ray Barry on Apr 17, 2019 3:04:57 PM

1) What is the Shred America Corporate model?

The Shred America mission is be able to provide its clients with the quickest and most secure method for destroying sensitive information locally, regionally, and nationally. Our goal is to expand into new markets if it makes sense  for our organization and our geographical footprint.

Ever Think About Paper Shredding Companies?

Posted by Ryan Richard on Apr 9, 2019 9:00:00 AM

So, how often do you think about paper shredding companies? Probably never, right? You’re not alone. Most people don’t think about paper shredding companies often if at all unless they’ve experienced the ease of benefiting from one. Though many people keep storing their records and sensitive information on computers and mobile devices today, you’d be surprised how common printed records still are. You also may be surprised to find out that the majority of identity theft occurs from stealing paper materials as well. Consider the level of difficulty in getting data like social security numbers or credit card information from a paper document versus a computer hard drive. One requires the skill of hacking a device. The other simply requires going through your home or business’s trash. It’s more important now than ever to be mindful about keeping your sensitive data safe, so for peace of mind and true protection, it’s best to enlist an experienced, reputable paper shredding company to be your partner in properly handling this kind of disposal.

5 Reasons to Partner with a Mobile Shredding Company

Posted by Dustin Rushing on Apr 2, 2019 9:00:00 AM

A shredding company isn’t often a service most people think to have in their arsenal of local need fillers. Most people have established their doctor, dentist, accountant, mechanic, garbage collector, and more, but they rarely stop to consider the value of a fast, reliable shredding service provider. Partnering with a trusted mobile shredding company can provide added convenience and security for both home and business owners alike. If your someone who could benefit from safe shredding of documents, hard drives, and more, finding a local mobile shredding company to have on call is a good idea.

Can Document Shredding Be Eco-Friendly?

Posted by Jason McCray on Apr 1, 2019 2:00:00 PM

Spring invites home and business owners alike to do some spring cleaning, get rid of the clutter, and refresh their space. For some, particularly businesses, this could mean unloading a large volume of paper you’ve been storing that’s now worn out its welcome. If there’s no need to hang on to documents, why keep the clutter? Deciding to let go of unnecessary documents taking up space is a great way to have a fresh start, but it’s important to make sure it’s done the right way. Many people know by now not to just throw documents that contain sensitive information in the trash due to the risk of information theft, not to mention how wasteful it is. However, plenty of people instead take their unwanted papers to the recycling center, thinking they’re making the responsible choice. With Earth Day approaching, we commend people wanting to free up their paper clutter in a sustainable way through recycling, but simply recycling papers don’t provide security. There is a way to maintain both safety and sustainability, and you can experience it easily through Shred America’s convenient document shredding service.

FAQ’s About Hard Drive Destruction

Posted by Ray Barry on Mar 26, 2019 9:00:00 AM

With the availability of shredding services like Shred America these days, many people have realized the need for enlisting professionals when it comes to secure paper shredding. However, the need for safe hard drive destruction still hasn’t seemed to catch on as it should.

How at Risk Is Your Personal Information?

Posted by Ray Barry on Mar 12, 2019 9:00:00 AM

At Shred America, we’re in the business of more than just shredding documents, hard drives, and more. We’re in the business of keeping you and your personal information or the personal information you’re responsible for safe. It’s a job we take seriously, and so does the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). NAID is an international association that regulates the information destruction industry and upholds its standards and ethics. The well-respected group recently released a study in which devices were collected and tested to see just how easy it would be to extract sensitive data from their hard drives. The results showed that it’s a lot easier than you may think, with highly confidential information being easily accessed by measures that weren’t that extreme. The vast majority of people today use at least one device, like a cellphone, tablet, laptop, smart TV, etc., every day. While these devices provide convenience and capability, they also make data stored on them vulnerable, and more data is stored than you may realize. If found in the wrong hands, these devices can be hacked before you ever notice a thing, and your confidential information can be stolen and used against your will.

Best Location to Place Security Containers

Posted by Ray Barry on Feb 27, 2019 10:35:19 AM

Congratulations !

You have made a decision to keep your business as secure and compliant as possible by partnering with a NAID Certified Shredding company, hopefully that company is Shred America

That’s the first step...

The next step is figuring out where to place your security containers so you are able to effectively capture every document in your office so it is properly disposed of.  Where to place your container can be the key decision on reducing the chances of a security breach and having piece of mind that you have all the processes in place to stay compliant with regulatory requirements.   

Key Items to Consider When Selecting an Information Destruction Provider

Posted by Ray Barry on Feb 21, 2019 12:58:20 PM

Is the company NAID Certified?

The NAID Certification program is THE Certification for the destruction industry that only the most secure companies can achieve. It requires national criminal background checks on all employees, mandatory drug testing, employee security training, unannounced audits, and much more. If the company does not have this Certification, they may be taking some shortcuts that involve security.  

Customized Shredding Services for Any Business Need

Posted by Ray Barry on Feb 13, 2019 11:28:10 AM

Running a business is never easy. There are many different responsibilities involved that you never think about, many of which don’t actually have much to do with your actual business mission. Nevertheless, they’re part of keeping the doors open and running your operation the right way.

How to Create a Secure Culture at Your Business

Posted by Ray Barry on Jan 30, 2019 9:46:00 AM

We at Shred America are in the business of improving security for individuals and businesses, and we’ve had many companies enlist in scheduled shredding services with us after an unfortunate company breach occurred. We hear a lot about “could haves” and “should haves” in the aftermath of these problematic incidents occurring.

Why Using an Office Shredder Isn’t Enough

Posted by Ray Barry on Jan 16, 2019 9:46:00 AM

 Many companies face a danger they don’t know about. We at Shred America frequently come across business owners to do so much to maintain the success of their companies, but there’s one area that’s often overlooked or not taken seriously: security, particularly the security of information.

Here’s How to Declutter Your Home or Office

Posted by Ray Barry on Dec 18, 2018 9:47:00 AM

Clutter can often feel like an inevitable part of life. It creeps up seemingly overnight leaving you wondering how it all got there. It’s something we tend not to notice until it creates a problem. While clutter is mildly annoying, it seems pretty innocent, until you realize it can come with a variety of consequences. A cluttered space, whether it’s your personal living space or your business location, has been proven to lower morale, attention span, and judgement while increasing stress and the chance of getting sick or burnt out. Whether you realize it or not, the most dangerous thing about allowing a space to become cluttered is that it can become a garden for identity thieves depending on the kind of clutter you’re storing.

Shredding Documents or Recycling: Which is Better?

Posted by Ray Barry on Dec 4, 2018 9:48:00 AM

The paperless office is like Martians. A myth.

Why You Need A Shredding Service

Posted by Ray Barry on Nov 20, 2018 9:48:00 AM

Every business handles sensitive information on a daily basis. That makes it important that you dispose of printouts properly. You can try and shred them in the office, but it’s better business to use a professional service.

What is Identity Theft & How Does It Happen

Posted by Ray Barry on Nov 6, 2018 9:49:00 AM

Identity theft has made headlines all over the world as big-name companies and organizations are attacked by criminals of every variety. From hospital breaches to credit hacks, identity theft examples are everywhere. But not everyone realizes exactly what identity theft means in this day and age. The identity theft definition refers to any time someone uses your information to commit fraud. It can be as simple as someone listing your phone number under the wrong name or as complicated as someone receiving medical services with your insurance information.