Popular Questions About The Shred America Network Answered

Posted by Ray Barry

1) What is the Shred America Corporate model?

The Shred America mission is be able to provide its clients with the quickest and most secure method for destroying sensitive information locally, regionally, and nationally. Our goal is to expand into new markets if it makes sense  for our organization and our geographical footprint.

Currently, Shred America has locations in North and South Carolina (Carolina Shred), Texas, and Louisiana with some short term future markets in the eastern U.S. in the next few months.  You can visit our locations page to see more by clicking here.

2) What is the Shred America Partner Network model?

The partner network is a group of the "best-in-class" service providers in the industry including Shred America operated locations. No different than a regional shredding company partnering with other NAID Certified companies to take care of a regional or national account.

The goal of the network is to help everyone compete on a national level for national and large regional clients with the help of the Shred America Partner network. The Shred America Network provides the most secure and cohesive shredding network in the US and will open doors to many that in the past would have been closed!         

3) If I am a network partner, does that mean you will eventually put a truck in my market and compete with me?

We value our industry relationships, but most of all we value our level of service we provide our clients. If we have a multi-location account and our network partners are providing great service with the highest security, there would be no reason for us to operate a truck organically in that specific market. Shred trucks are expensive!

Also, it would make business sense to keep great relationships in place. In the event, one of our network partners decides to exit the business, we would certainly look at either expanding our own service area into that market or find another partner.

Although we can never promise when and where we will expand to, it has to make complete business sense for us to do that and also benefit our geographical footprint. This is no different than a regional provider utilizing another local provider for an account as a subcontractor.

4) How do I benefit from being in the network?

We have a proven track record of targeting national accounts and winning them against the large corporate competitors. Ray Barry has successfully sold and managed over 30 national accounts while he was an executive at Shred First and Shred America already has a handful of national clients prior to launching the national network!

By being a partner in the network you will have an avenue to change the direction of your company by increasing your revenue with multi-location accounts to be serviced.

Each member will have incentive to refer regional and national prospects to Shred America which will increase service revenue for all partners. In addition to the service revenue from national accounts, partners will receive access to more marketing help through the Shred America marketing partner. We have negotiated discounted rates from the vendors we all already use. You’ll better your business and save money.

We will also monthly webinars to help you grow your business, including but not limited to back office and inside sales support for those members that may need it.

If you have additional questions, please let us know and we will follow up with you.