3 Reasons To Care About Data Shredding Services

Posted by Jason McCray

Did you know that Shred America does more than shred documents? Did you know there is lots more to shred aside from paper? If you’re concerned with keeping your or your business’s sensitive information safe, one aspect of security you may be overlooking is our data shredding services.

At Shred America, we offer data shredding services across multiple locations throughout southern and central U.S. to help keep your information secure from all angles.

What is data shredding?

It’s the secure shredding and destruction of items like computer hard drives, thumb drives, CDs, DVDs, SD cards, mobile phones, etc. Many people don’t realize that these pieces of technology store sensitive information and that simply “deleting” files doesn’t erase them from the devices completely, leaving information vulnerable to theft.

These items are just as dangerous as paper records if they land in the wrong hands. That’s why have experienced technicians and cutting-edge equipment to safely and effectively destroy these items for good.

So why make data security a priority?


1. To Protect Your Identity

Often, when people are ready to dispose of items like computer hard drives and mobile devices like tablets and phones, they take them to a trash facility, donate them, or leave them behind at an old office and never give them another thought. However, the information left on these items can leave you, your patient, or your customers vulnerable to attack. If these items have stored bank information, social security numbers, and more, you could expose you or someone you’re responsible for identity theft.

2. It’s the Law

There are many state and federal laws and regulations that govern data security across many industries and states, so our data shredding services help you stay in proper legal compliance as well. Our local teams have many years of experience helping our clients navigate federal and state laws and regulations. With our expertise and our secure data destruction, you can avoid violations that result in penalties and fines.

3. It’s Too Easy Not To

Shred America’s data shredding services make it easy to securely dispose of and destroy these vulnerable items, so why wouldn’t you play it safe? There’s no point in risking a potentially identity or business-ruining information breach when our team comes directly to you to securely and efficiently shred all data-storing devices, ensuring your peace of mind. We couldn’t make it any easier, so there’s no excuse for avoiding this necessary precaution.

For more information about our data shredding services or to get started with Shred America, give us a call at (866) 747-3387 or contact us on our website.