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Get Your Business Green: Recycling and Shredding

As much as offices would like to claim they are paperless, that is just not true. If you walk into a paperless office, you will see copiers, scanners, legal pads, and even Post-It notes. Because paper remains a constant necessity – and a convenience – you still need to do something with that paper.

How to Declutter Before Heading Back to the Office: Secure Document Destruction

Offices are calling workers back into the office to get back to normal operations. That means all those months of being at home will come to an end. While that may sound convenient for the office, what happens to all those documents that have accumulated over time? Additionally, with everyone coming back, keeping the office organized and running like a well-oiled machine is a necessity.

How Remote Employees Can Stay Compliant with Mobile Shredding

Working from home can be beneficial for those employees, but only if there are secure work from home protocols in place. There are different regulations based on the state of the business that must be followed even if the employee is in a different state. Additionally, companies must be careful to not violate any of the laws governing keeping sensitive data safe.

Tax Season Extended: How Long Should You Keep Tax Returns

After completing your taxes, you might be tempted to throw your tax records and old tax returns away. However, you should keep them since you might need them if the Internal Revenue Service ever audits you. Additionally, you might need information from the previous year's tax return to do the current tax return. In some cases, you might need information from two or three years back.

Prevent Data Breaches with Hard Drive Destruction

Have you ever wondered what happens to hard drives once you switch computers? What about if your hard drive crashes? Where does it go? In most cases, the owner took it through a hard drive destruction process where the hard drive isn’t just wiped clean but is also shredded to pieces. There’s no need to wonder what to do with old hard drives when there are reliable hard drive destruction services available.

Ready to Return to the Office? Ensure you Have a Document Disposal Plan in Place

As things get back to normal and people start returning to the office, maintaining data confidentiality will be at an all-time high. Having document disposal protocols in place enhances data security while giving staff a guide to follow when using document destruction shredding services. A mobile shredding option can also assist with confidential document destruction of items that have been collected over the time employees were working from home.

7 Tips To Secure Your Business Data From Identity Theft

Identity thieves can attack your business from inside or outside. Someone could lift documents left on a desk, hack into your network, or an employee could make copies of employee and/or customer information, and use it or sell it. Protection from identity theft means that you destroy data when it’s no longer relevant and keep data under lock and key.

Recurring vs One-Time Shredding Service: Which One Is For Me?

Shred America provides shredding services for businesses and individuals. You can choose from recurring shredding or one-time shredding. How do know know if recurring scheduled shredding or one-time shredding is for you? It depends on how many documents you have, and whether you are a business or an individual. It also depends on the amount of files you have to get rid of.

How Does Hard Drive Shredding Work: Hard Drive Destruction Explained

When it's time to get rid of an old computer, whether you are a business or an individual, you need to take steps to secure the hard drive.  That means ensuring it's completely destroyed so that less than honest people are not able to get your personal or work information from the drive.  It's time for hard-drive destruction services.