Shred America: Beyond the Secure Collection Console

Shred America: Beyond the Secure Collection Console

When people think of Shred America, they might know us as the largest, veteran-owned data
destruction company in the United States, or from the unmistakable, red, white, and blue trucks
navigating our nation’s by-ways, or by the ubiquitous security consoles we have distributed
throughout the country’s most security conscious organizations. 

And, if they happen to be any of our thousands of happy customers, the name Shred America
also reminds them of how much better they sleep knowing that our convenient, secure
document destruction service is helping them protect their company.

Not bad, right? We’re both humbled and proud to be thought of in any of those terms, and we
continue to work hard every day to make sure we live up to it. 

But as nice as it is to be so highly regarded, the truth is that we are much more than just a
document destruction company. 

Shred America is also a leader in electronic media destruction, product and non-media
destruction, and in providing assistance in the development of disposition policies and

Think about it.

          Electronic Media Destruction: Obviously, all organizations now rely on a wide variety of
          electronic devices that collect personal and proprietary information. This not only
          includes computers, but also smartphones, thumb drives, printers, copy machines, and
          WIFI routers. Any of these devices can hold the equivalent of truckloads of paper
          documents or provide a backdoor into the most highly protected computer operating

          Product & Non-Media Destruction: Outdated inventory, product prototypes and over-
          runs, used or outdated uniforms and apparel, expired identification cards and labels, and
          obsolete production equipment pose an incredible liability if they fall into the wrong

         Policies & Procedures/Training: Because data disposal is a process by which virtually
         every employee has the potential to put personal information at risk, every data
         protection regulation on the books requires that organizations have written data
         protection policies and procedures. After all, how can employee training be performed
         without written procedures?

There is no denying that much of Shred America’s continued success stems from our
knowledgeable sales staff, our respectful field representatives, and our commitment to best-in-
class service. Many might say that’s enough.

We don’t think it is. 

At Shred America we believe that it is our job to assist, advise and defend our clients on all
matters related to the secure disposal of anything and everything that could harm them, and
ensure they are compliant should it ever be brought into question.

Contact Shred America today to learn more about how we can help.