3 Tips To Keep Your Law Firm's Document Disposal Safe

Keeping legal files often fills up your file room and at least one off-site storage room. Often, the storage room is so full that it's a huge chore to locate old files to discard. However, it is not safe to keep files longer than you need to. If someone should break into the file room, they have a goldmine of identity theft.

Many firms have gone digital, so they don't have a packed storage room – but they still have paper documents that have probably expired. If you haven't gone digital yet, it is a good time to do that. Once you do, you can start going through the storage unit one box at a time. Scan client files that you are still required to keep. Contact Shred America for document disposal services for those you no longer need to keep.

Keep Files Locked

While your client files are in your possession, they should be in locked filing cabinets in a locked file room. When you use Shred America, you can keep locked shred boxes in the file room – as files become obsolete, you can remove them from the filing cabinets into the locked file boxes if the client does not want the file. Don't forget to remove any work product that can help in a legal malpractice suit. Keep those documents until the statute of limitations for a malpractice claim expires.

Create a Document Retention Policy

The next step for a law firm's document disposal policy is to create a retention policy. This is much easier if your office is digital. When you scan the documents into the digital platform, you can enter the document disposal date.

Not all documents or files have the same document disposal time. Check with the bar association for document retention times. For example, you might have to keep clients' wills and estate plans until your client passes or changes law firms.

The document disposal date will send you a notification when it is time to remove the file. Check with your client before putting documents in Shred America's locked shred boxes. If the client does not want the file or if you cannot contact the client, then you can dispose of the file.

Shred Files at the End of the Document Retention Period

Shredding documents ensures that they won't end up in the wrong hands. Our Shred America truck comes to your office. We take the locked shred boxes out to our truck and dump them in the shredder. You can watch as we shred the files. Once the files are shredded, they are baled and forwarded to a recycling company.

Some of our clients have said the following about our document disposal services:

  • Quick communication response to answer questions and set an appointment for document shredding.
  • Professional and friendly.
  • Quick process – can watch shredding.
  • Helpful, polite and professional staff.
  • Best in value and service.
  • Timely and courteous.
  • Can watch them shred documents.

Contact Shred America for Shredding Services

Shred America is a veteran-owned company that strives to please every customer. Law firm document disposal is something we take very seriously, so your client information is protected. If you have a shredding service you are not happy with or do not have a shredding service, contact Shred America today to create a schedule. We'll come out as often or as few times per year as you need to keep your client information safe.