5 Reasons to Partner with a Mobile Shredding Company

A shredding company isn’t often a service most people think to have in their arsenal of local need fillers. Most people have established their doctor, dentist, accountant, mechanic, garbage collector, and more, but they rarely stop to consider the value of a fast, reliable shredding service provider. Partnering with a trusted mobile shredding company can provide added convenience and security for both home and business owners alike. If your someone who could benefit from safe shredding of documents, hard drives, and more, finding a local mobile shredding company to have on call is a good idea.

Easy, On-Site Shredding

Since no home or business owner wants to deal with shredding large quantities of documents or materials themselves, relying on a mobile shredding company means you get straight-to-your-door service that gets the job done quickly without the hassle. This can be invaluable, especially if you’ve stored sensitive information over the years and have acquired a large volume of data you need to safely dispose of in a short time frame. Partnering with a reputable mobile shredding company means your personal or commercial business stays secure and clutter-free without you needing to invest the time or effort.

The top reasons people call on Shred America are:

  1. We help you clear the clutter. Whether you’re a homeowner with years of files you no longer need or a business who routinely collects sensitive data, at some point, the clutter has to go. When it does, you want to make sure it’s done the right way. Shredding service providers help you clear out what’s no longer needed in one quick session.

  2. Our mobile services are customizable. We work with your needs. Use us once, sporadically, or on an ongoing basis. We’ll provide the same level of service whether we see you one time or come to your site weekly. If you’re interested in ongoing shredding services, you can get on our scheduled route to ensure your needs are met on your time table.

  3. We provide a high level of security. When dealing with sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security information, medical or legal data, etc., security is a top priority. Whether it’s yours or your clientele’s, you need a safe way to dispose of the information without running into a legal issue or identity theft problem. Shred America complies with top security standards and has the knowledge and equipment to make sure this standard is upheld every time we shred.

  4. Our team is knowledgeable about shredding requirements. Every member of our shredding team is trained in the requirements for proper shredding practices. If you’re a business that collects confidential data, you can trust that we’re knowledgeable on all the latest compliance regulations and follow each with high precision.

  5. Shredding is done sustainably. When you’re shredding high volumes of documents, it can seem environmentally negligent. However, we securely recycle all of our shredding material, so you don’t have to worry about being wasteful or wonder what happens to your shreddings after we leave.


Professional shredding is a fast, easy way to keep the clutter from building up without sacrificing security. If you or your company could benefit from partnering with Shred America for one-time or recurring mobile shredding services, just give us a call at (866) 747-3387 (SHRED US) or see our list of locations. Shred America proudly serves Lafayette LA, Dallas TX, Richmond and Virginia Beach, VA and Pittsburgh, PA