7 Tips To Secure Your Business Data From Identity Theft

Protection from identity theft means that you destroy data and keep data under lock and key. Here are 7 tips to secure your data from identity theft.

Identity thieves can attack your business from inside or outside. Someone could lift documents left on a desk, hack into your network, or an employee could make copies of employee and/or customer information, and use it or sell it. Protection from identity theft means that you destroy data when it’s no longer relevant and keep data under lock and key.

How to Keep Data Safe and Secure

You can keep data safe and secure by taking seven steps:

  • Implement an online invoicing system.

  • Train your employees in online best practices.

  • Monitor your business’ credit.

  • Use secure apps and CRMs to prevent data breaches. Choose companies that thoroughly test and check for issues that open up your business to the penetration of hackers. Make sure there are no weak spots in the programs you use. Also, make sure the apps and CRMs you frequently use backup the data.

  • Shred all documents that are no longer needed. When you keep documents locked up, then discard them in locked shred boxes, those just passing through the office – or even employees – cannot pick up documents with confidential information and walk off with them.

  • Invest in data breach prevention and notification process.

  • Destroy old hard drives and digital media.

How Can Employees Keep Information Secure

How do organizations keep data safe? They need to teach employees how to keep information secure and learn how to secure your business data. Your employees can keep information secure by following several steps:

  • Keep all files locked up.

  • Password protect all digital files, giving access to only those employees who need access to do their jobs.

  • Make sure no paper files are left out and accessible to anyone.

  • Do not allow digital media, including USB drives, zip drives, external hard drives, tapes, discs and other media, to leave the office.

  • Make sure all digital media is password protected and kept locked up when not in use.

  • Employees should always log out of their computer when they leave their desk.

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Contact Shred American for Shredding Services

When you have a business, keeping your employees’ and customers’ information confidential is paramount. Taking steps, including shredding documents that you no longer need to keep, mitigate the chance of being hacked or having someone steal documents to get someone’s identity. Contact Shred America or Carolina Shred near you today to learn more about our services and to set up an appointment for our mobile truck to come to you.