Are You Practicing Proper Document Destruction?

Because identity theft has grown significantly over the past years, you should destroy documents with any personal information, even if that information, such as your address, is public record. All it takes is one piece of information to complete a partial profile that an identity thief already has – there’s no sense in making it easier for the thief.

Proper document destruction means that a criminal can’t put a document together again. Most home shredders do not shred documents small enough – and if you put them in the regular trash, an identity thief could piece them together again.

What Documents You Should Shred

While most people know to shred documents with social security numbers, financial information, and tax information on them, they don’t think about documents with personal information that is public. Just because the info is public doesn’t mean it’s easy to match up with other information that a criminal might already have. You should shred any document with the following:

  • Names and addresses, including junk mail addressed to “box holder” or another generic name.
  • Phone numbers.  
  • Social security numbers.
  • Military information.
  • Bank statements, retirement account statements, and other financial information.
  • Tax information, even if it doesn’t have your social security number on it.
  • Credit card statements and old credit cards.
  • Medical records, even if they don’t have your name on them.

Businesses should also follow the same rules for employees and clients and include benefit information in that list.

Proper Document Destruction

The best way to destroy documents is to use a professional document shredder who then bales the shredded documents and ships them to a paper manufacturer. Professional shredders, like those on our truck, shred documents into pieces that are so small that even if they did get stolen, they’d be all but impossible to reconstruct.

Shred America also provides locked document destruction boxes. With those, you can keep your filing cabinets cleaned out and further reduce the risk of someone stealing identities. As soon as a document or file reaches the end of its retention time, put it in the locked shred box. When the box is full, we’ll come out to your business and empty it. We shred right in your parking lot, so you can watch us shred the documents.

Shred America Reviews

Shred America ensures that your documents are shredded and forwarded to a recycler who is held to the same standards we are. Comments from happy customers include:

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Proper document destruction significantly reduces the risk of identity theft for the home and business. For proper document destruction for your personal documents or business documents, contact Shred America today for more information and to set up an appointment.