Are you Properly Scanning and Storing your Documents During these Wet Winter Months?

If you store your documents in a garage or non-climate-controlled storage unit, you might be in for a surprise when you go searching for something you need. Paper absorbs moisture, which increases the fibers, causing the edges to curl. It also destroys the ink on the page, so you can’t read it. There’s a better way to protect personal data. First, storing it in an unsecured location significantly increases the risk of identity theft. Second, if you need a document, it might be convenient to grab, but it might also be destroyed.

Shred America provides scanning and storage for documents that you need to keep. If you follow a retention schedule, they’ll also shred what you no longer need. Keep your documents and personal data safe by contacting Shred America to discuss the various options for scanning, storing and shredding documents.

Storing Your Documents

While it’s convenient to store documents in your home, a garage or a nearby storage unit, it is also risky. The weather and humidity could destroy documents stored in a non-climate-controlled place. Instead, consider storing your documents at Shred America’s secure and climate-controlled document storage warehouse. The warehouse is secure from thieves and weather.

Scanning and Storing Documents

Even better than just storing documents, we can scan them for you. You’ll have access to a digital copy of your documents that you can download anytime you need them. They’ll be safe in our document storage warehouse. And, if you have a retention schedule, our shredding truck is nearby to shed everything you no longer need.

For the documents you do keep at home or the office, you should use acid-free boxes and file folders to store them. Plastic storage bins also keep your documents safe from floods. If the plastic storage bins are airtight and kept in a climate-controlled environment, they’ll be ready for you to read years later.

However, this can take up a lot of space. It also leaves you more open to identity theft. If you must keep a document past its retention date, it’s better to scan it and shred the original. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your physical documents aren’t accessible to anyone and are not taking up too much space. And, it keeps everything safe from the weather!

Shred America Testimonials

Many of our customers are repeat customers because our shredding technicians are professional and personable. Some of our customers who use our shredding services said:

  • Matt was personable and professional. Made sure the job was complete.
  • Dennis was excellent at his job.
  • Joe was on time and asked questions so he could get the job done. He was also efficient.
  • Quickly responds to emails. Professional and friendly. Got the shredding done quickly.
  • Best value and service. Loves that the company supports veterans.

Contact Shred America for Shredding Services

When you need to start decluttering filing cabinets and storage areas, go through the documents and remove any that you no longer need to keep. Once you sort through them, contact Shred America for an appointment for shredding services. If you have documents that you need to keep forever, consider scanning them and storing them at our secure, climate-controlled warehouse.