Best Location to Place Security Containers

Congratulations !

You have made a decision to keep your business as secure and compliant as possible by partnering with a NAID Certified Shredding company, hopefully that company is Shred America

That’s the first step...

The next step is figuring out where to place your security containers so you are able to effectively capture every document in your office so it is properly disposed of.  Where to place your container can be the key decision on reducing the chances of a security breach and having piece of mind that you have all the processes in place to stay compliant with regulatory requirements.   

Here are some suggestions for placing security containers:

  1. Make it the path of least resistance. Make it easy for everyone in your office to participate.If this is a new program for you, chances are your fellow team members may not be used to putting every single piece of paper in a shred container. This requires training and guidance of your fellow team members on the importance of proper document disposal. Training is also a requirement of HIPAA ,FACTA, and all state regulations. Hopefully, your destruction partner can provide this training for FREE for your organization. Shred America/Carolina Shred provides this training FREE of charge for all routine shredding clients. Also, does your provider help write your policies and procedures for information disposal?

  2. Pick an area that is a high traffic area so it is easy for everyone to participate. For example, anywhere near common printers or copiers are great places to place a shred container.

  3. If you have 2 floors or more, make sure to place containers on each floor at the very least. If someone has to go downstairs to place material in the shred bin, there is a good chance that person may decide just to place it in the trash bin either in their office or closer to their office. This is where dumpster divers can have a field day!

  4. Spread out office with multiple departments? Spread out the containers to make it more convenient for your team members. Most destruction companies offer discounts on multiple containers throughout the same building so the added cost for added containers are much less than the cost of a security breach and the PR implications!

  5. Implement a “SHRED-ALL” Policy. The best way to stay compliant and mitigate a security breach is to make sure you treat every piece of paper as if it were sensitive information. Do not leave it up to your fellow team members to try and figure out if documents are sensitive or not. This way, you know everything is being destroyed by a NAID Certified partner and it is also 100% recycled at the same time!      

Keep in mind, your destruction partner should be able to help you find the best places to place your containers and can also offer a variety of style relative to security containers. They will also provide training and policies and procedures (If they are Shred America/Carolina Shred)

Does your organization produce massive amounts of sensitive documents that require secure document destruction?  Protect your company from threats by scheduling regular shredding service.

For more information on why NAID Certification is important in your selection process please see: