Can Document Shredding Be Eco-Friendly?

Spring invites home and business owners alike to do some spring cleaning, get rid of the clutter, and refresh their space. For some, particularly businesses, this could mean unloading a large volume of paper you’ve been storing that’s now worn out its welcome. If there’s no need to hang on to documents, why keep the clutter? Deciding to let go of unnecessary documents taking up space is a great way to have a fresh start, but it’s important to make sure it’s done the right way. Many people know by now not to just throw documents that contain sensitive information in the trash due to the risk of information theft, not to mention how wasteful it is. However, plenty of people instead take their unwanted papers to the recycling center, thinking they’re making the responsible choice. With Earth Day approaching, we commend people wanting to free up their paper clutter in a sustainable way through recycling, but simply recycling papers don’t provide security. There is a way to maintain both safety and sustainability, and you can experience it easily through Shred America’s convenient document shredding service.

Sustainable Paper Shredding

Considering our industry, environmentally friendly practices were something we at Shred America made a priority from the beginning. We wanted to not only provide much-needed security for those seeking to get rid of unwanted paper, hard drives, and more, but we also wanted our clients–and ourselves–to be able to feel good about our business practices. We’ve come a long way since the beginning, and we now proudly operate in a manner that is both sustainable and secure, including:

  • Shredding trucks that are ultra-efficient, consuming less fuel per pound of paper shredded than any other system in the industry. Our trucks also meet the EPA’s low emissions standards by using ultra-low sulfur diesel and B5 biodiesel.
  • Collection consoles that feature low emissions materials.
  • Rolling bins that are 100% recyclable.

Once your documents are thoroughly and securely collected and shredded, they move on to the recycling process, performed by our extensive network of qualified paper mills. This way, your paper materials still get recycled, and you still get the peace of mind knowing Shred America has managed the safety of your information from start to finish. In the years we’ve been operating this way, our clients have helped save approximately:

  • 22,050 Cubic Yards of Landfill Material
  • 107,100 Trees
  • 44,100,000 Gallons of Water
  • 2,394,000 Gallons of Oil
  • 25,830,000 kWh of Energy
  • 396,00 Pounds of Air Pollutants

That’s no small feat, and it goes to show that you can balance both security and sustainability in the document shredding process. So, when you tackle your spring cleaning this year, keep Shred America’s safe, eco-friendly services in mind. We’ve got dozens of locations throughout the southeast with trained teams ready to serve your shredding needs. Browse our services, and request a quote today!