Does your Accounting Firm have a Safe and Reliable Records Management System?

Having poor records management skills could be the downfall of an accounting firm. A good records management system should include a retention schedule for each document. Keeping documents longer than needed opens up a huge risk for identity theft. Keeping a retention schedule and managing records by scanning them and storing them appropriately significantly reduces the risk of your clients’ information being stolen.

Once the records reach the end of their retention period, they should go into a locked shred box for Shred America to pick up. You can watch our technicians shred the documents and you’ll receive a certificate of destruction. We also shred digital media, including hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and USB sticks.

Records Management

Keeping a good records management system ensure that you can find a document when you need it. Whether the Internal Revenue Service or your client needs copies, you’ll have the documents at your fingertips. If you scanned the documents, it’s even easier to access them.

Paper Filing

All paper documents should have a retention date. Once they have reached the retention date, you should move them from the filing system to a locked shred box. You’ll be keeping your filing cabinets less cluttered, will have more space for additional client files, and are reducing the risk of someone stealing your client’s personal information.

Electronic Filing

You might keep electronic files backed up for longer than you need to keep paper files. However, you should have a filing system that includes the client name, then a file for each year, quarter or month, depending on the client. That way, you can easily locate and delete records you no longer need – and when someone asks you for a file or specific documents, they’ll be easier to locate.

Retention Times

The retention time for each document depends on several factors, including state law, the type of document, whether the client is a business or individual. If a client is a business, the retention time might be based on the client’s profession.

Creating a Good Records Management System

Having a good process for scanning and storing files is not the only thing you need for a good records management system. Once a document reaches the end of its retention time, you have to have a secure way to dispose of it. Using a shredder from an office supply store isn’t going to cut it. You need a professional shredder that creates pieces of documents so small that there’s no possible way to piece them together again. You also need a way to keep the expired documents secure until your shredding appointment.

Shred America provides locked shred boxes. When a document or file expires, put it through the slot in the locked shred box. When it’s time for your pre-set appointment, we’ll come out and dump the shred boxes into the shredder. We then bale the documents with others’ documents and ship them off to a secure paper recycling facility.

Shred America Reviews for Protecting Personal Data

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  • Personable and professional.

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