FAQ’s About Hard Drive Destruction

With the availability of shredding services like Shred America these days, many people have realized the need for enlisting professionals when it comes to secure paper shredding. However, the need for safe hard drive destruction still hasn’t seemed to catch on as it should.

The instances of hard drives and other electronics being used to commit identity theft and the stealing of sensitive data are on the rise, yet methods to stay safe aren’t often talked about. Of the people who do realize the importance of securely destroying electronic information, a large percentage is doing it incorrectly.

A common misconception is that “deleting” or “wiping” files and drives means you’re safe forever, but this isn’t the case. Deleting may mean your file is out of sight, but it’s not out of mind, and wiping isn’t always as thorough as you may think. To protect your sensitive information and that of those you do business with, a reputable hard drive destruction service is the only way to guarantee long-term safety. That’s why Shred America provides convenient, thorough, and 100% safe destruction of items like hard drives, CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, SD cards, mobile phones, and more across the southeast.

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Hard Drive Shredding Q&A

Shred America has made it easy to stay secure for years, offering hard drive shredding services to home and business owners for years. We hear these questions frequently, and we’re happy to answer.

What information can get stolen off hard drives and other electronic items?

Most often, the data being stolen are things like bank numbers, credit card information, social security numbers, addresses, passwords, etc. that can give hackers the opportunity to steal your identity and money.

How does hard drive shredding work?

We make it easy. You don’t have to do anything, not even dismantle your hard drive. We show up at your home or office, take the items you want to be shredded straight to our powerful mobile shredding truck, and destroy them completely onsite. Not one bit of information is left.

Can I watch it happen?

Absolutely. You can be as involved as you like. Feel free to watch the entire process start to finish and ask questions.

Is electronic data shredding legal?

It’s as legal as you can get when it comes to getting rid of unwanted, data-containing items. Every member of the Shred America team is fully trained and highly experienced when it comes to compliance laws and regulations for a variety of industries. We take keeping you and your reputation safe seriously, making sure we follow every state and federal requirement for the latest shredding standards.

How safe is mobile data shredding?

Extremely. We take every precaution and follow every regulation. We first log the hard drive’s serial number, then destroy each piece, recycling them separately.

For further questions or to enlist in a hard drive shredding service, feel free to call the Shred America team at (833) 747-3389.