Identity Theft Protection: Shred Documents and Beware of Online Scams

Identify theft is a serious issue and happens so much in this country. That’s why document shredding services are extremely important, because they prevent these criminals from accessing your personal and financial information. Unfortunately, these crooks are getting smarter, and they are now surfing social media sites for ways to gain information that can assist them in stealing someone’s identity.

According to North Dallas Gazette, scammers are cloning Facebook profiles in order to steal personal information from unsuspecting Facebook “friends.”

“I have fallen into the trap of accepting a request from a friend that I’m already friends with,” said Erik Anderson, a Facebook user from Minnesota.

It’s recommended that you refrain from posting anything too personal or financial information of any kind on these social media accounts.

“There’s really no need to put where you’re employed or how old you are. Of your phone number or address,” said Jessica Schindeldecker, Fargo Police Crime Prevention Officer. “It’s one thing to put where your city is so maybe it’s easier to connect with people.”

These criminals will use a Facebook photo they stole from an existing page, use that information on your profile against you, add your friends, and attempt to steal money from friends and family by stealing your identity.

Monitor your account regularly and change your social media passwords if you suspect any suspicious activity.

Being careful in the offline world is just as important as the online world. Despite the fact that this is a very plugged-in society, there are still old-fashioned criminals out there who would love to steal your identity, money, and your peace of mind. One of the major benefits of document shredding is simply not allowing these criminals to even attempt to steal your information off paper documents in the first place.

Having your identity stolen can haunt you forever, even after it’s resolved. Sadly, 11% of identity theft victims say that their situation has had a negative impact on their ability to get a job. Wholly 70% of these victims report that they had trouble getting rid of negative information in their records. Some of them never do.

That’s why document shredding is so important. You should have all personal and financial documents — including credit card statements, which can be shredded after 45 days — destroyed by professionals who offer document destruction services.