It’s Time To Prepare Your Documents for Disaster

Whether you have a business, or you're just trying to keep personal information safe, not protecting your paperwork could be setting yourself up for a document disaster. One of the best ways to increase protection is with a document disaster recovery plan. That helps reduce paperwork and clutter, all while making sure you can still get electronic access to everything that's important.

Here's what you need to know about preparing your documents for disaster.

Keys To a Secure Document Disaster Plan

Having the right document disaster plan can make all the difference, and can help protect your personal and business information from hackers, identity thieves, and other criminals. There are two main keys to a secure document disaster plan. These are:

  • Backing up your documents electronically (using a cloud-based service)
  • Document shredding you can trust (a reliable company that will shred all your documents)

You want to make sure all your documents are properly backed up, so you can access them from the cloud and your other devices when they're needed. Make sure your passwords are strong, and you aren't giving them to anyone else. Keeping electronic documents secure matters.

But you also want to be sure the paper copies aren't where someone else could access them, either, and that's why personal and business document shredding should part of your document disaster recovery plan.

Backing Up Your Data and Documents

Backing up your data and documents it the first step of your document disaster plan. You want to make sure this is done right, so you don't end up losing the data or your access to it. Fortunately, there are a lot of cloud-based services you can use to store your documents.

You can also use zip drives, thumb drives, and other storage devices. Having more than one electronic copy of your data is generally a good idea, especially for very important information. If something happens to one backup, you want to be sure you still have others you can access.

Keeping Your Information Safe With a Document Disaster Recovery Plan

A document disaster recovery plan should always include keeping your information safe. That's not just about where you store everything, but also about paper shredding you can rely on. Look for happy customers who appreciate the value the shredding company can provide.

With customer testimonial quotes like "I have found Shred America to be by far the best in value and service," and "Great service! Friendly staff!" you can feel confident you're choosing the right help and support for your document disaster recovery plan.

Contacting Shred America for Shredding Services

For paper shredding that works with home or business needs, contact Shred America for solutions and data protection. Once you've backed up all your information safely and securely, your document disaster recovery plan should always include document shredding. Not only does that offer you peace of mind, but it will add to the level of protection you have, overall.

Reach out to Shred America today, and get an estimate for your document shredding needs. You can schedule a time and date that works for you, and get all your documents conveniently shredded, so you can get back to focusing on other things. Protecting your data is very important, and Shred America can help.