Advantages of Mobile Document Shredding to Prevent Identity Theft

Is your organization vulnerable to identity theft?

Your office has thousands of confidential documents such as customer records or financial information that is at risk of being stolen. To prevent these files from getting into the wrong hands, they need to be shredded in a reliable manner with mobile shredding service from Shred America.

Manually shredding thousands of confidential documents can be time-consuming and possibly ineffective. This is because they can be reconstructed.

Using a paper shredder is one option. However, when you have reams of paper to destroy this could damage your equipment. Some documents may even escape the paper shredder, rendering you vulnerable to data theft

Mobile Document Shredding Advantages

There is another, more efficient option — calling a mobile shredding company to perform onsite mobile document destruction on your companies property.

Here’s why:

1. Document Collection

Based on the volume of your documents, you can request mobile shredding operations daily, weekly, monthly or annually. On the day of collection, the mobile shredding truck arrives at your location to do the job.

2. Secure File Disposal

You will receive secured office consoles and/or rolling bins from the mobile shredding service. Office consoles can handle a load of 80 pounds whereas rolling bins have a capacity of 300 pounds.

Your employees can deposit unwanted documents through the slits of these containers whenever necessary. You don’t need to worry about any documents missing from the containers as they have tamper proof lids with a secure lock.

3. On-Site Destruction

Mobile shredding operators collect all the bins and consoles from your office space and carefully transfer the documents from the containers to the shredder present in the truck.

The documents are instantly destroyed by multiple sharp blades. The papers are cut into tiny fragments instead of vertical strips so it’s impossible to reconstruct them. Your organization receives confirmation certificates of the destruction of documents. You can keep those records on file to establish your compliance and produce them for validation or inspections if the need arises.

4. Waste Recycling

The paper waste is sent to various paper mills where it is recycled to create various paper products.

Mobile Document Shredding Summary

Mobile shredding is a faster, inexpensive, and more secure way of effectively shredding confidential documents. It’s fast, reliable, and eco-friendly. Learn more about how you can take advantage of local mobile shredding services in your area when you visit Shred America today.