Prepare for Your Year-End Paper Purge Now

Most people keep tons of paperwork, from bills to tax documents. When the filing cabinet becomes full, you might start making stacks in closets and on your desk. You don't have to save all those documents all the time. It's time to prepare for a year-end paper purge. First, go through everything – anything that is over a year old and not related to taxes and warranties should go into the purge box.

Once you go through everything and have boxes of papers you no longer need, contact Shred America for shredding services. We'll come to your home to shred all those documents you no longer need.

Year-End Paper Purge

Instead of looking at all that excess paper with a confused look, start making piles.

  • Put all tax-related documents in a pile, including those in the filing cabinet. Don't worry about sorting by date just yet.
  • All household bills that are older than three months old go in the shred pile. If you run a business for your home, you'll need to keep those for a year instead.
  • Put all medical bills that have been paid in the shred pile unless you are still undergoing treatment. You can keep those until you finish the treatment. If the treatment is ongoing and longer than 12 months, discard anything over 12 months old.
  • Shred all bank statements that are over 12 months old.
  • Shred all retirement account statements over 12 months old.
  • Shred all tax documents that are over seven years old.

If you really have to keep any of these documents because you like looking back on your accounts, consider scanning anything over a year old. 

Create a Document Retention Schedule

Cleaning out your filing cabinet at the end of the year is usually a huge job. Consider asking for a locked shred box. Throughout the year, as a document expires, remove it from the filing cabinet and place it in the locked shred box. You can also put junk mail and other documents with your address and other personal information on them into the shred box as you receive them. That way, your year-end paper purge won't be as painful in the future.

Another benefit of doing this is once we shred the documents, they are baled with others' documents and sent to a recycling facility. You'll be keeping the paper clutter in your house at a minimum and helping the environment at the same time.

Reviews for Shred America

Some of our customers have said:

  • Excellent service. 100 percent recommend. This customer shreds once per year, and Shred America sends a truck to their home. Every staff member has been polite, helpful and professional.
  • Chief did an amazing job. Friendly and courteous. Quick and efficient. Packed the containers tight to help get a great price.
  • Jay did a great job. Considerate as to parking, so he didn't block anyone in. Quick, friendly and professional.
  • Joe was on time, efficient and quick, and allowed the customer to observe the shredding.

Contact Shred America for Shredding Services

When you are ready for a year-end paper purge, contact Shred America for an appointment. Our truck will come to you and shred all those old documents.