Recurring vs One-Time Shredding Service: Which One Is For Me?

Whether you are a business or an individual purging once a year, we have the right shredding solution for you. Which shredding service is right for you?

Shred America provides shredding services for businesses and individuals. You can choose from recurring shredding or one-time shredding. How do know know if recurring scheduled shredding or one-time shredding is for you? It depends on how many documents you have, and whether you are a business or an individual. It also depends on the amount of files you have to get rid of.

You can schedule recurring services weekly, every two week, every four weeks or quarterly. We provide a service calendar so you’ll know when to expect our front line managers to come to your home or business with the shred truck.

Recurring Shredding or One-Time Shredding

Purging your documents is great for cleaning out a home or office space. You’ll open up more room in your filing cabinets and get rid of boxes holding old documents that you no longer need. In most cases, you don’t need to keep documents longer than seven years – and in some cases, even less.

Each of the documents has personal information on them that could lead to identity theft if that information – even if it’s just your address – gets into the wrong hands. Instead of trusting that bank statements, medical records and – if you are a business – customer records – to stay in the trash where you put them, having them shredded ensures that no one can access personal information.

For one time shredding, we’ll come to your business or home and shred everything you need to have shredded. For recurring shredding, we come based on a schedule we will help you make, which depends on how many documents you need to get rid of.

How Recurring Shredding Works

Do you keep adding filing cabinets or are you constantly going through them looking for files, then adding them to bankers’ boxes to cart them over to an off-site storage facility? You can save a lot of room and work if you set up recurring onsite shredding.

We provide new bins in 64-gallon and 95-gallon sizes. The locked bins hold seven to eight banker boxes’ worth of documents. When we come out to you pursuant to your schedule, we shred everything in the locked boxes. You can even watch us shred your documents. Once we finish shredding them, we give you a certificate of destruction.

Find the Right Shredding Solution

Whether you are a business or an individual purging once a year, we have the right shredding solution for you. We keep our customers happy, as evidenced by the testimonials we get.

Sarah said the process was super easy and that she got a call as soon as she submitted her request. They filled up five bins and it took just 25 minutes to complete the process.

Marissa got a substitute front line manager and he was as professional as her regular front line manager. She highly recommends Shred America.

Philip scheduled a truck to come to his home. He says that Austin was very helpful and responsive to emails and phone calls. He also said the front line manager was very professional and will definitely call Shred America when he does his next purge.

D David said the process was simple and the onsite shredding was very fast. Everyone on staff was friendly and pricing was reasonable. He liked that everyone was flexible enough to be able to work with his schedule.

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