Securing Your Student's Identity During the Back to School Rush

Not many people think of child identity theft. A child doesn't have credit, doesn't own credit cards, most don't have bank accounts, and many are not on the internet. However, child identity fraud affects one out of 50 children, according to Javelin Strategy & Research. While child identity theft is not new, the number of children affected is rising as more children spend more time on the internet, including social media and remote learning. These and other factors put children at a higher risk for identity theft.

Why You Need Identity Theft Protection for Your Children

Between 2005 and June 2020, the United States saw over 12,000 reported data breaches where identity thieves stole over 11 billion records. Even when businesses and individuals take measures against identity theft, the numbers are still high, which means that identity thieves learn to get past protections you might have implemented.

The fraud number continues to rise; thus, you must implement and keep up with identity theft protection for yourselves and your children. Between 2019 and 2020, losses due to fraud increased by 45 percent.

In 2021, phishing attempts, cyberattacks and ransomware have been increasing. Thieves use formjacking, installing trojans, exploiting software, and other methods to gain access to the information needed to steal your child's identity.

How to Help Reduce Child Identity Theft

You can help reduce the risk of having your child's identity stolen by:

  • Make sure you keep any personal information, whether online or on paper, private.
  • Keep your child's private information off social media.
  • Learn safe online behavior and teach it to your children.
  • Limit your child's use of messaging platforms and social media sites.
  • Monitor your child's online activity.
  • Set up accounts to monitor your child's credit. You might consider freezing your child's credit until your child is ready to establish credit.
  • Enroll the entire family, including the children, in an identity protection service.

If you no longer need a document with your child's personal information on it, shred it. Make sure your child changes his or her passwords to any online sites, including online learning sites. Instruct your children about identity theft protection and make sure they understand what can happen if his or her identity is stolen and that they should come to you as soon as they suspect anything.

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