Sensitive Documents Your Company Need to Shred: Staying Compliant

Posted by Ray Barry

Your company documents an incredible amount of sensitive information on a daily basis, so much so that it's easy to lose track of just how much data is being collected. Onsite document shredding is a great way to destroy all of your documents so there's no chance a criminal can use your information to their advantage. When you choose on onsite document shredding, you get to see exactly what's going into the shredder and how it's all being processed.  This can not only help you save your business from a security breach, but it also ensures you're staying compliant with all current laws. 

Business Documents You Should Shred

Most people know that they need to get rid of financial information such as credit card or routing information. However, what people may not realize is just how much personal information they may reveal on an everyday basis. From old street names to medical account numbers, there are plenty of ways for a thief to manipulate data to get what they need. Plus, companies need to think of the piles of information they collect on other people as well, apart from their direct clients. An insurance company or a law firm needs to get rid of not just their own data, but also the data of the opposing parties

What do I need to shred?

  • Travel information: Documents like boarding passes show where you'll be, what your name is, and a barcode that links to your frequent flyer number. 
  • Medical data: From prescription labels to receipts to insurance claims, there's enough info for thieves to run an insurance, identity, or prescription scam. 
  • Receipts: Many receipts include the last four digits of your credit card number.
  • Resumes and pay stubs: These items give clues about your past and your financial income, making it easier to target you in an identity scheme. 
  • Pet info/major announcements: These give pertinent data about you and your family, which can help people decipher your password. 

Why Does My Business Need to Shred Documents?

If you're asking yourself why shredding documents is important, you need only think about just how little it takes for a thief to make their move. Just one old wedding invite for a relative and a criminal could use your aunt's name as a way to guess your password or to somehow infiltrate your family. Plus, you're protecting yourself against potential fines and reputation loss by being compliant with all current laws. The question of how to stay HIPAA compliant starts with the right shredding services. The right company will know not only what needs to be shredded but how it needs to be shredded. 

 How Shredding Documents Benefits Your Company

Your documents need to be shredded in such a way that a thief couldn't put them back together again no matter how hard they tried. When you can successfully do that, it means that thieves and hackers will move onto a different scam if they can't get what they need from you. Unfortunately, businesses don't only have to worry about outside criminals, but also inside jobs taking place on their premises. The benefits of document shredding can make it that much more difficult for an employee to capitalize on a crime of opportunity. 

Contacting Shred America for Shredding Services

Shred America has been helping companies take care of their shredding services whenever they need it, taking care of all the details so you don't have to. We work with businesses of all sizes, and we can even come to your office upon request. So whether you want to purge all of your documents after your most recent audit or you need ongoing services every week, we can help.