Three Benefits of Cloud Storage for Small Businesses

If you have a small business, or you're thinking about starting one, there are all kinds of decisions to make. One of those may be where and how you want to store important records and documents. If you choose cloud storage options, you can protect all your valuable information, and keep it in a digital space that's secure and protected. Unless you specifically need a paper copy of a document for legal purposes, keeping everything in the cloud can give you big benefits. Here are three of them.

Cloud Storage is Cost Efficient

It's generally much less expensive to have your storage in the cloud. You aren't paying for storage space such as a records room or a storage unit. You also don't need file cabinets or other places to keep the records you need to hold onto. That means there's no cost for those items, but also no additional cost to heat and cool a space, have lighting in it, or have anyone to control access to it, for sensitive information. You can shop around for the right provider, and then just pay monthly or yearly for security and access.

Cloud Storage is Easily Scalable

When you want more storage space, there's no need to install more shelves or rent a second storage unit. All you have to do is scale up your cloud-based option. That generally means buying the plan that's next in line, so you have more gigabytes of cloud storage for your needs. You can get additional storage quickly and conveniently, without the need to leave your business and go shopping. That speed is really important when you run out of room and need it right away.

Cloud Storage is More Secure

The security of cloud storage is worth noting. Not only can you put everything in one place, but companies that provide this kind of storage understand the value of protecting your information correctly. They know that proper protection is a huge part of what matters to companies, and that taking care to keep everything safe means customers will come back again.

Cloud-based storage means you can also have your paper documents shredded, which can absolutely be the right choice for additional protection. According to one small business owner who chose shredding services, "As a small business we were carting boxes of paper off to the Office Max. This was time-consuming and costly." With cloud based services and a quality company for shredding documents, that's no longer an issue.

Contacting Shred America for Shredding Services

Ready to get rid of all those paper documents, just taking up space at your small business location? Contact Shred America for solutions to protect your personal data. We can help get rid of all the paper you've accumulated over time, and provide you with ongoing shredding support if you need it.

Using the cloud can be great, but you still want to safely and securely dispose of all the paper you already have. You may also work in a business where some paper documents are necessary, so shredding those documents periodically can help you manage your business and keep costs down. Shred America has plenty of locations for your convenience, and can help you reduce the paper for your small business today.