Understanding Different Types of Shredding Equipment

Shredders are imperative for privacy issues for companies and individuals. You can find many types of shredders on the market, but the best type is the shredder we use on our trucks. Shredders include strip shredders, cross-cut shredders, disintegrating shredders, hammermills, and industrial-grade shredders. Strip shredders are the least secure, as identity thieves can put documents back together like a puzzle. The smaller the pieces, the less likely someone will piece the documents together.

In addition to paper shredding equipment, commercial shredding equipment and industrial shredding equipment includes hard drive shredding equipment, plastic shredders, metal shredders and wood shredders.

Industrial Shredding Equipment

The type of shredding equipment found in professional document shredding trucks are large, high-performing machines that shred in high volumes. They can shred thick notebooks and cardboard. Some industrial shredders also shred plastic and will handle small pieces of metal, such as paper clips and staples. These shredders used very little human intervention – this allows for more security when shredding documents and, more importantly, keeps humans from getting hurt while using industrial shredders.

Commercial Shredding Equipment and Blades

When considering a shredding company, you need to ensure the shredding equipment has blades that cut documents into the smallest pieces possible. Shredding companies such as Shred America must use blades that create fine pieces as they bale the documents and ship them off to a paper recycler.

Considerations should also include the blade material. For example, a carbon diffused blade means the blade has harder steel and will cut through piles of documents more efficiently. A case-hardened shredder blade uses hardened steel that might allow for cutting plastics or even smaller pieces of metal, such as staples.

When you add chromium alloy to the blades, it not only hardens them but makes them more corrosion-resistant and able to withstand high temperatures, which is needed when shredding for businesses that fill our locked shred boxes.

Finally, Shred America must use blades that will shred various digital storage platforms. Our hard drive shredding equipment uses blades designed to cut through metal and create tiny pieces from old hard drives and other digital storage media.

Shred America Reviews from Recent Customers

We believe that word-of-mouth advertising is just as important as other forms to get the word out about our services. Some of the recent reviews of our veteran-owned company include:

  • Excellent service. Individual who shreds one per year – sends a truck out to the house every time and shreds the documents in front of the customer. All staff members have been helpful, polite and professional. One hundred percent recommend to anyone.
  • Final price under the estimate. No hidden surprises. Will definitely use again. A shout out to Yisrael for a fantastic job.
  • Shout out to Chief for being friendly and courteous, quick and efficient.
  • Shout out to Jay for being considerate, quick, friendly and professional. Highly recommend Shred America’s services.
  • Shout out to Dennis Engler for an amazing job. This customer has never had such a positive shredding experience. Dennis was on time and very helpful. Love that Shred America is veteran-owned.
  • Shout out to Joe for being on time, efficient and fast – and giving this customer peace of mind.

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