Why Using an Office Shredder Isn’t Enough

Posted by Ray Barry

 Many companies face a danger they don’t know about. We at Shred America frequently come across business owners to do so much to maintain the success of their companies, but there’s one area that’s often overlooked or not taken seriously: security, particularly the security of information.

Companies store a lot of information about their internal operations, from HR paperwork to financial reports and receipts, that could put them in a tough spot if released into the wrong hands. It’s the information companies store for outside parties like clients, patients, and customers, however, that get can you in big trouble if stolen.

Businesses that retain this kind of confidential data have an obligation both by ethics and often by law to protect. It’s obvious why. Information like bank account numbers, social security numbers, and the like can easily be used to steal identities, steal money, and wreak havoc on a person’s reputation. If a business fails to implement proper security practices throughout its office and this information is stolen, it’s their reputation that’s going to be on the line as well.

Without an appropriate plan in place for how you’ll handle information security, your company and all it owns is left vulnerable to theft or attack. Many companies find out the hard way that simply throwing away or shredding records and other documents in-house isn’t as safe as they thought. Find out more about why in-house shredding doesn’t do the trick below.

You’ll Spend More Money

There’s a reason why they say time is money. Shredding documents in-house takes a considerable amount of time, and that’s not the only cost it racks up. This level of shredding accrues costs such as operation, maintenance, and electricity that add up substantially. It quickly becomes obvious that a professional shredding service not only removes the time investment involved in handling this chore in-house, but also costs considerably less over time. That in mind, the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job is handled securely always beats the ineffectiveness that comes with doing it internally, which may end up coming with a price you can’t afford.

You Won’t Be in Compliance

Depending on what kind of company you manage, there may be laws and regulations surrounding how you’re required to store and dispose of certain sensitive data. Not abiding by these can lead to hefty fines, reputation issues, and possibly even the closing of an office or releasing of employees. When you partner with a trusted, professional shredding service, you’ll receive confirmation certificates that you can keep on file to prove your compliance and use in your defense should an issue ever be suspected.

How Office Shredding Services Solve the Problem

It’s clear why handling shredding of sensitive materials in-house can lead to security issues, but many aren’t aware of the highly reputable services they can partner with to handle this need properly. At Shred America, we offer a variety of professional shredding services that companies rely on to stay secure and in control of the information they own. When you work with us, we set you up with a highly secure waste bin for your office. You’ll select a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly shredding schedule, and we’ll arrive at your office promptly at your chosen time. We’ll shred all materials from paper documents to hard drives right there onsite in front of you securely and within all appropriate regulations, so you never have to worry about doing your due diligence to protect your company and your patrons.

For more information or to get started with a recurring shredding service, call our team today at (833) 747-3389 to learn more about how we can help your company stay safe.