Your Mail in the Wrong Hands Spells Disaster

Your Mail in the Wrong Hands Spells Disaster
Every piece of mail that falls into the wrong hands is a ticking time bomb of potential identity theft and other crimes.

Inbound Mail

Last year alone, the US Postal Service fielded a staggering 40,000 reports of mail theft… And that is only what was reported! USPS openly admit that it is just the tip of a
rapidly growing iceberg.

Thieves brazenly pilfer mail from suburban curbside mailboxes and employ brute force to attack large communal mail centers. Even locking mailboxes offer little resistance to determined criminals, merely serving as an illusion of security. The threat is real, and it is escalating. The use of bank statements, unsolicited promotions, credit card information, and pre-approved credit card offers are fueling this alarming trend.

To combat this threat, authorities urgently recommend retrieving mail as soon as possible after delivery, never leaving it out overnight. And, while some advocate for
electronic delivery of utility bills, it is vital to understand that electronic channels are not without their own vulnerabilities, and that much of the sensitive information we receive in the mail on any given day is not under our control.

After You Have It

Identity thieves are notorious for rummaging through discarded mail, especially in the trash and in recycling containers, searching for financial statements, medical records, pre-approved forms, and other documents containing personally identifiable information.

While catching these criminals in the act is nearly impossible, the US Postal Inspection Service made headlines by apprehending and prosecuting a suspected identity thief rifling through a trash bin. This arrest, however, is but a drop in the ocean according to
authorities, emphasizing the very real threat that looms over us.

Even seemingly innocuous mail can become a potent weapon in today's world when it fuels highly targeted phishing attacks, is combined with data from various sources to commit identity theft, or it reveals critical details about your life, such as travel plans, children's activities, medical conditions, and prescriptions.

To shield yourself from these dangers, experts unanimously stress the importance of destroying mail. Here is the chilling truth: simply shredding or tearing it only shows
criminals which pieces to take, and reassembling the puzzle is child's play for them.

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