5 Benefits of Having an On-site Shredding Service

Posted by Ryan Richard

Every company, big or small, should invest in a paper shredding service in order to protect all of its sensitive information. On-site document shredding services can offer plenty of benefits for any company. Here are five advantages of entrusting your confidential information to a shredding services company.


Many companies decide to send their documents to an off-site location, but doing so causes the anxiety of whether your papers are being properly disposed of. Having a paper shredding service will offer complete peace of mind because the job will be done right in front of you, when you want it.


Shredding on-site can give you the flexibility of allowing last minute add-ons. If you have a shredder you can simply add a stack of paperwork whenever you need it disposed, instead of waiting for someone to pick it up a few times a month. You can even schedule a day in the office, once a week for example, when all papers will be disposed of safely.

      3.Ensure your Data is Private and Secure

It is no secret that your paperwork holds sensitive information, and if it is compromised your reputation can be at stake. Personally shredding your documents will prevent data and identity theft, while boosting client loyalty. Additionally, some documents such as tax forms and federal information legally must be shredded securely, so entrusting a professional document shredding service is the way to go.

      4.No Need to Wait

When shredding, you will want to ensure the job is completed fully from start to finish. This is important because in earlier research, almost one-third of respondents said that paper documents were most at risk for an information breach while awaiting disposal or shredding. So cut down on this risk, get rid of the middleman and do it at your office.

      5.Cost Effective

Maintaining an internal shredding system can be quite the expense. Your costs for this include purchasing shredders, buying disposal bags, replacing equipment, and performing maintenance. Cut down on the cost by outsourcing a shredding service, and you won’t worry about a thing.

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A trusted document shredding service is a jack of all trades. It will ensure your peace of mind, cut down on costs, and be a reliable, efficient, and secure service to protect your reputation with clients. Contact Shred America today to get trusted shredding services on your doorstep today.