Why You Need A Shredding Service

Every business handles sensitive information on a daily basis. That makes it important that you dispose of printouts properly. You can try and shred them in the office, but it’s better business to use a professional service.

Desktop shredders are fine for home use, but they weren’t cut out for commercial work. If you have to destroy a large number of documents, then you’ll end up spending an awful lot of time feeding paper into the machine.

As you know, time is money. That means it will cost you less in the long run to use a professional service. However, security is actually the biggest reason to upgrade to a commercial mobile shredding service.

Even the best domestic cross-cut shredders don’t provide the same level of security as a commercial shredder. If you value your privacy, then you have to properly destroy your documents. A shredding service can give you peace of mind.

Shredding documents as you go isn’t a viable system either, and even the most professional staff will struggle to shred everything.

Using an outside service means you can separate and secure documents that your shredding service provider can take off your hands. A mobile service can arrive at your convenience, take all your documents, and shred them securely on site.

Additionally, a professional mobile shredding service will take your waste paper for recycling. That way you can do your part for the environment.

A third-party can also issue you with a Certificate of Destruction. That’s an essential compliance issue in some industries. This is especially true if you deal with sensitive financial information. Even if you don’t, it’s best practice to make sure you safely dispose of paperwork that criminals could potentially use against you.

So don’t take a chance with your vital business information and your customers’ personal records. Cut to the chase and get in touch with the best mobile shredding pros at Shred America now! (833) SHRED TX