7 Ways to Protect Your Personal Information This Holiday Season

We’re at the beginning of holiday season and we all know what that means. Shopping online, sending out greeting cards, and going on vacation. This is also a very popular time for cyber hackers to access your information, so it’s more important than ever to be diligent and protect yourself in any way possible.

Here are some tips that will help you keep your information safe during the holiday season.

  1. If an offer seems too good to be true, chances are it is. Don’t believe everything you read online.
  2. Think before you click. This is especially true on pop-ups and e-mail advertisements.
  3. Limit your online shopping to online merchants you can trust. Go to the sites by directly typing in their URL into the search tab, and as a rule of thumb, never click on a site unless it has ‘https’ in its URL.
  4. Always pay with a credit card online instead of a debit card. Credit card technology is more secure, and your provider may be able to offer protection that can reduce your liability if the information is used incorrectly.
  5. Keep your receipts and credit card statements. Experts recommend shredding credit card statements after 45 days, and with the large purchases typically made around the holidays, it’s important to keep these around so you can watch over them carefully.
  6. Shred, shred, shred. There are plenty of benefits of shredding documents, including the knowledge that hackers cannot gain access to any of your information. It is especially important for small businesses to invest in shredding services so their finances are secure during the holiday season. After all, when you complete document shredding at home or in your office, you have total control over what is kept and what is saved.
  7. Secure your mobile devices and your Wi-Fi. With more and more shoppers buying online, it is extremely important to ensure your mobile devices are all up to date. You also need to make sure your home and business Wi-Fi are private and can host encrypted data.

It is important to be vigilant and protect yourself when it comes to the holidays. If you have a lot of important documents that need destroying, consider investing in a paper shredding company for the holidays. Consider calling Shred America today.