Ready to Return to the Office? Ensure you Have a Document Disposal Plan in Place

As things get back to normal and people start returning to the office, maintaining data confidentiality will be at an all-time high. Having document disposal protocols in place enhances data security while giving staff a guide to follow when using document destruction shredding services. A mobile shredding option can also assist with confidential document destruction of items that have been collected over the time employees were working from home.

Document Disposal

Many offices need document disposal solutions that meet their expectations and budget. Shredding services can help solve these issues on a one-time or recurring basis. If using a one-time service, the company will come to the location, pick up the documents, or shred them on-site. For recurring shredding, the company can choose how they want things done. When an employee calls or submits a request, the company then requests all employees to bring their documents to one touchpoint. In these cases, the service will get rid of the documents onsite to verify that their documents were properly handled.

Document Destruction 

What happens during the confidential document destruction process? It’s important to understand why this process is needed. One of the main reasons is because sensitive data can be compromised. Data breaches are at an all-time high, ensuring the company follows the right protocols to avoid regulatory fines. Protecting sensitive customer information is key, especially because there are many instances where the employees have been the cause of the data breach. If you’ve ever wondered what gets stolen and what happens, imagine having your passport number, social security number, address, name, financial records, and more waiting to be used by a hacker or malicious employee. In several instances, employees don’t even realize they have left the door open for hacking to occur.

Shredding Services

For companies who have a lot of hard copy data, shredding services is the best solution without leaving customer data vulnerable. Nothing is too insignificant for a hacker to retrieve information, so ensuring the documents are disposed of in a way that prohibits breaches is key. The worst thing that could happen is sensitive data getting into the wrong hands. Shredding companies use high-quality shredders, while over-the-counter shredders are notorious for allowing information to be pieced back together.

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