How to Declutter Before Heading Back to the Office: Secure Document Destruction

Offices are calling workers back into the office to get back to normal operations. That means all those months of being at home will come to an end. While that may sound convenient for the office, what happens to all those documents that have accumulated over time? Additionally, with everyone coming back, keeping the office organized and running like a well-oiled machine is a necessity.

Secure Document Destruction

With data privacy needs at an all-time high, you can’t afford to have those documents exposed. Having a solution for those returning to work should always include confidential document destruction. Being away for so long can cause confusion about protocols and other safety measures. It’s good to go over the data protection methods in place while making sure everyone understands the document destruction protocols to follow within the office. The last thing you need is to have everyone back in the office and everything goes wrong because they didn’t remember how to safely protect your data. Document disposal is one of the first things on that list.

Every employee should know and understand:

  • How to handle sensitive data
  • What needs to be shredded
  • What days your paper shredding company comes
  • Why items need to be shredded
  • What happens when data is compromised

Document destruction

There’s a really good chance your employees have to declutter before going back into the office. Sending a mobile shredding solution to their home would be the best line of defense to avoid them having to haul sensitive data back into the office. Let’s face it – some people love paper and don’t really know how to declutter. Your goal is to have a company-wide call to help walk them through the process. Here are a few tips:

  • Create categories

This helps the employee realize what documents they have, which ones should be kept, and which ones can be shredded.


  • Don’t leave anything out

Remember we said people love paper? Even though employees work without a lot of paper, some people just enjoy having paper around them. That can work to your detriment. Make sure they have gathered all the papers together, not leaving anything to chance. While they are sorting out their work papers, suggest they do it for their personal paperwork as well.


  • Make a shred pile

Once they have gone through the documents, it’s pretty obvious what needs to stay and what needs to go. Once the shredded papers are all organized, scheduling a pickup shouldn’t be too hard.

Shredding Services

One of the best things you can do is use a shredding service that has great reviews. The team at Shred America is known for its amazing service and protocols. Here’s what some people had to say:

  • “Great mobile service. Came to house, walked to shed with rolling van (like recycle bin) filled tubs, and walked to truck and shredded there seamlessly. Price was reasonable. Would certainly recommend to any including my HOA.” – Steven G.
  • “Kind, courteous, honest, on time, easy to set up appointment.” – Marcia Steinberg

Contacting Shred America for Shredding Services

For top-notch shredding services, there’s no other team to call than Shred America. Contact our team for solutions to protect your personal data today!