The Future of Shredders

Posted by Jason McCray

As technology advances and office equipment evolves, we will learn to rely less on printing and more on digital copies of documents. Computers will become smarter, and advancements in the next 10 years will be faster than what they were in the past 10. Interestingly enough though, today, efficient shredding is still a big part of office practices. So, while we try to transition the process of record keeping toward digital, we must continue to be careful with our paper records at the same time.

Shredding has helped us become greener. This may not have always been the case, as increasing sales was more of a priority. But as we move forward, companies that have invested in sustainability in the past will be able to be one step ahead of their competitors and have a more ethically responsible profile in the future. A stable financial future depends upon our ability to shape and maintain a sustainable community. The sooner we all realize that, the better.

A very good example of this is the effort certain printing companies are making to create a new type of paper shredder that does the job and then converts the shredded paper back into new paper immediately. This new prototype is not available to the general public yet, but it’s an indicator as to where the industry is headed in the next decade.

Furthermore, as we start using less and less paper by moving everything to the cloud, the focus will switch to destroying your hard drive efficiently without losing any important files. To ensure that the deleted information is truly gone and not hidden somewhere for a skilled criminal to retrieve, certain provisions must be met. Hard drive shredding is the only way to go. No wiping, just complete hardware destruction at your location with our most effective system.

No matter what the future might hold, the demand for shredding doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Instead that demand will morph into something else and transform companies for years to come. Contact Shred America or give us a call today.