The Rise in The Need For Secure Shredding

Anybody remember Newton’s third law? Probably not. It states For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s certainly true when it comes to the availability of information today. We live in an age of immediate communication despite distance, knowledge just a click away, and access to information most people would have never gotten their hands on twenty, even ten, years ago.  Hence the rise in the need for secure shredding.

These walls coming down can be a positive thing, like being able to connect with family across the country and learning encyclopedias full of information from your desk for free. However, this availability and access does come with a price.

While it’s easier for you to reach what you want, it’s also easier for the those with bad intentions to reach you and your private information. Once in the wrong hands, confidential information can wreak havoc on your life or your business’s future.

Millions of adults are victims of identity theft every year in the U.S., leading to over $37 billion in losses. You may be surprised to find out, however, that a large portion of this kind of theft happens offline by stealing paper records.

This makes secure shredding a priority now more than ever.

How to Stay Secure

At Shred America, we revolve our business around your security. Our secure shredding services ensure your confidential and sensitive information remains out of the wrong hands at every point in our data destruction process.

Below, we’ve composed a list of what to consider to keep you and your information safe, as well as resources for further reading.


While specifics vary across states and industries, what’s important to know about proper compliance is that the security of customer records is a must for any business. Failure to comply with regulations – whether through an actual data breach or in some cases just the possibility of unauthorized access – can bring severe penalties and heavy fines.

Regular, comprehensive paper shredding can ensure the integrity of the information you hold and help you stay on the right side of the law.

Federal Law

Concerns about privacy, security, and identity theft have led to a dramatic increase in regulations at the national level. This has led to a considerable rise in the requirements placed on many different types of businesses, especially when it comes to document shredding.

As a result, the secure disposal of corporate, customer, and patient information can be complex, requiring you to partner with a knowledgeable shredder to avoid violations.

State Laws

Many states have also issued efforts to increase consumer privacy and limit identity theft. This means that, in many areas, businesses have an added incentive to make sure their electronic media and paper shredding are being handled promptly and properly.

Most states have laws covering breaches of security involving confidential and personal information stored electronically, and some also refer to printed material. By being proactive and having an effective overall shredding program in place, you can protect yourself and your business from operating outside the law.

Be Informed

The key to keeping your sensitive information, as well as the information of people you’re responsible for keeping confidential, is knowing the facts and enlisting a company that provides compliant, secure shredding services.

Our team at Shred America is diligent in staying informed of and in alignment with the latest laws and regulations for secure shredding, and we help thousands of home and business owners do the same.

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