5 Major Benefits of Document Shredding

Both businesses and individuals alike are at risk for identity theft. It’s simply a fact of modern life.

One way to prevent this from happening: safeguard any secure documents you have and invest in document destruction services. When you choose to shred your documents, you are destroying the chances that any criminals can gain access to your secure information, or just as importantly, your customers’ info.

As more and more companies are transferring their records to the cloud or secure data storage, shredding has become a necessity. Here are five benefits of going this route.

    1.Peace of mind

Document shredding gives both clients and business owners the peace of mind that their documents will always be disposed of properly. Many customers don’t have the luxury of knowing where their information ends up, so investing in this service is a great way to build the trust of your clients. After being shredded, their information will be cut into small 3mm by 9mm pieces.


Choosing a document shredding service is incredibly efficient as it eliminates the need to buy expensive paper shredders for your business. The kind of consumer shredders available at your local big box store are designed for home use, and will jam or break when faced with a high volume of documents.

Plus, the service will supply trained professionals that will come to your job site and do the process for you.

     3.Good for the environment

Paper is routinely thrown in the trash even though it is recyclable. Paper is one of the most used materials in the nation and has the ability to be recycled multiple times. Eco-friendly shredding will recycle all your leftover paper and prevent the landfills from filling up faster.

     4.Stays compliant with state and federal regulations

This is important as some states have statutes forbidding the recycling of important documents for a specific amount of time. For example, employers are told to keep a copy of pay stubs for at least one year before they shred them to make sure they match your employee’s W2 forms.

     5.They can give you sound advice

Don’t know whether to keep, store, or shred those important documents? Well, document shredding services are able to help you figure out when it is appropriate to get rid of information the secure way. For example, you can shred your credit card statements after 45 days of issuing, but it is important to keep all your W2 forms for a year (or until the next tax season).

Do not risk the safety of your employees, your clients, or your business. Invest in document shredding services today.