5 Ways Mobile Shredding Protects Your Data

The penalties for not being security compliant with your customers' data can be high, even if you had no idea someone would break in to steal files and anything else they could get their hands on. It is up to you to make sure your building and everything in it is secured. 

Mobile Shredding

You can minimize the risk of someone, whether an employee or a stranger, stealing your documents by using mobile shredding services, including locked shred boxes. There are five ways that secure mobile shredding provides data protection:

1. Customizable Data Destruction Services

Whether you need document destruction services weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even twice every year, we will work with your schedule. This helps protect your data since you do not have to hold onto documents for a long time, thus decreasing the risk of theft. While the documents are in your office, they're in a locked box instead of taking up room in your filing cabinet.

2. Secure File Disposal

We provide locked shred boxes. When a file reaches its retention date, simply put it in the locked shred box. The lock keeps unauthorized eyes and hands off the file. We provide as many locked shred boxes as you might need. Some companies that do not use a lot of paper might need one, while others might need five or more.

3. On-Site Destruction

When your boxes are full, or when you schedule us, we'll come to your business, bring the shred boxes to our truck, and shred your documents right in your parking lot. You'll get a certificate of destruction for your files – and you can watch us destroy the old documents. We also shred digital media, including hard drives and USB sticks, and give you a certificate of destruction for the media.

4. Waste Recycling

When we're done shredding, your shredded documents are mixed with documents from other businesses. We bale the shredded documents and then send them to a recycler who meets the same security standards that we do.

5. Reduces Clutter

Keeping old files in a locked shred box instead of the filing cabinet or on a shelf reduces clutter – and provides the obvious – document destruction so thieves cannot steal the information contained in the files.

Mobile Shredding Services

When you use professional document shredding to destroy confidential information, there is no way for someone to put the pieces back together again. Our mobile shredding services cut the documents into pieces so small that they're nearly impossible to put together again. Additionally, all of our employees have to go through background checks. Our trucks are also secured. We don't even touch the documents – we dump the contents of the locked boxes into the shredder.

Secure Mobile Shredding

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