How Remote Employees Can Stay Compliant with Mobile Shredding

Working from home can be beneficial for those employees, but only if there are secure work from home protocols in place. There are different regulations based on the state of the business that must be followed even if the employee is in a different state. Additionally, companies must be careful to not violate any of the laws governing keeping sensitive data safe.

Best Practices for Compliance at Home

Working as a remote employee still requires compliance with privacy and data laws. When it comes to compliance while working at home, it is very important to maintain secure shredding methods. This helps businesses meet all the requirements needed to offer the highest protection for their clients. One of these regulations is HIPAA compliance. Mobile shredding offers additional protections because the firms can monitor the process on their grounds.

HIPAA compliance has a number of rules to follow. When businesses don't there are repercussions involved such as losing licenses or having to pay heavy fines. The rules of HIPAA are very strict, so working with a company that understands the severity of non-compliance is key.

It can be difficult having employees work from home when they are dealing with very sensitive information like financial, medical, or legal materials. While it can pose some issues, there are effective solutions. Best practices include maintaining confidentiality with clear guidelines on what should and should not be done. This includes the use of passwords in retrieving information and not leaving sensitive information lying around. Everything should be shredded in a timely manner to abide by regulatory requirements.

Mobile shredding and Compliance

Having a secure mobile shredding facility on your team can assist with maintaining HIPAA compliance. Before returning to the office, businesses can use mobile shredding services to get data and information from those employees, so they can return to the office with no thoughts about sensitive information being compromised. These things should be taken into account when designing and maintaining a productive compliance program for employees when working remotely.

Contact Shred America

Shred America is a well-known document destruction company local and Marine veteran-owned. Using the best practices in the industry, the team understands the importance of being able to provide efficient and discreet services for their clients. One of the best services we provide is mobile shredding services that can meet employees at their locations while working remotely, or at the office where the shredding can be supervised.

We have a variety of services to meet all needs, including one-time purges for individuals and businesses, a scheduled shredding service, hard drive destruction, records storage and management, and scanning. We maintain the highest levels of HIPAA compliance on the market and service a host of industries which includes legal, financial, government, medical, and education.

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