Onsite vs Offsite Shredding: What Does My Business Need?

It can be difficult trying to figure out what type of secure document destruction your business needs. There are many different solutions available, but while you may think you need one, you may need something else or a combination of services. Knowing the difference between onsite and offsite shredding can give you a deeper understanding of how they work and your individual needs.

Onsite shredding is a form of mobile shredding where your documents are destroyed on the premises. There are pros and cons to consider with this option. Offsite shredding is when documents are picked up by the shredding company and taken to their location for document destruction.

Secure Mobile Shredding

Secure mobile shredding is one of the preferred options for businesses because it is a witnessed shredding option. This adds an additional layer of protection to your safety protocols. There are multiple ways this option provides protection:

  • Customization
    The services can be scheduled according to your needs. This is convenient for businesses that have large volumes of documents to destroy, and you do not have to hold on to them for long periods of time prior to them being shredded.
  • Security
    Paper shredding companies should provide lockboxes where the documents are stored prior to disposal. This helps the company save money and keeps this information under lock and key before its scheduled date.
  • On-site shredding
    Whenever the scheduled date arrives or the company is called due to the boxes being full, the documents are shredded on the spot. Your business can have an authorized representative watching the actual destruction of the documents as certification of the job being done.
  • Recycling
    Plant-based shredding is in, and shredding companies take the documents of other businesses and bale those with yours to get to a recycler that meets the highest quality standards.
  • No more clutter
    Who wants to work in an office where there’s no space because there are too many documents that need to be shredded? No one! This option helps reduce the amount of clutter and keeps documents and sensitive information safe.

Secure Onsite Shredding

Onsite shredding is an on-the-go service that moves whenever you call. This is an easy and economical way to keep your business clutter-free and your documents safe utilizing the highest document destruction standards every step of the way. A reputable shredding company will know all the compliance regulations they must follow and adhere to them. They can also help your company maintain compliance on document protection and laws they may not be aware of.

Contact Shred America

 Make sure your company utilizes the highest standards when handling its documents. Having a shredding partner will keep you on the upswing, providing multiple benefits to your clients and employees. An economical solution to a paper problem, Shred America is here to help with recycling and more. Utilize your employees for the jobs they were hired to do and let Shred America fill in the gaps.

If you want the safety and security of being able to see your documents being shredded or your business needs the flexibility of having a regular shredding schedule, contact an associate at Shred America for more information today.